10 Things You Can Do While Practicing Social Distancing

These past few weeks have been tough. Cancellations, closures, and disappointment are the focal point in most of our minds. Some of us have lost jobs, have been kicked out of school, are worrying about whether or not they'll be able to attend their senior prom or graduation, are no longer able to see loved ones, or are simply going stir crazy in their own homes. We tend to think about what we can't do and forget about all the things we still can do. There are so many things that we can still find joy in every single day. Whether you're looking to plan activities for young kids stuck at home or you just need a distraction from the craziness of the current world, we want to help you out. Here are some ideas that we thought of to help you find the adventure in your own home. . .

1. Binge your favorite show. We all have one right? You can finally catch up on that Netflix original series or revisit an old favorite on Disney Plus. The best part? Now you can do it guilt-free. 

2. Family dance parties. This is one your little ones will love. Have them put together a playlist on Spotify, throw on your comfiest (or craziest) clothes and have a dance party in your own living room.

3. Game night. A classic activity for whoever you might be quarantined with. Whether it be family or friends, grab your favorite board game (or 2. . .or 5) and spend the night getting your game face on.

4. Explore your favorite places virtually. In need of a change of scenery? Many of your favorite locations are currently offering free virtual tours through your laptop, tablet, or phone. See the Vatican in Rome, Tokyo in Japan, or virtually visit your favorite history or art museum from your own couch. 

5. Pick up a new book. Normally, I blame the business of day to day life on the fact that I don't read as much as I used to. If you're like me, now is your chance! Grab the newest bestseller you've been meaning to finish or re-read your favorite classic.

6. Write poetry or journal. Who says it has to be good? Jot down your thoughts, whether it be venting about your current worries or struggles or simply anything that comes into your head. 

7. Meditate and do yoga. Meditation is a great way to calm some of the worries we're all having right now and yoga is the perfect (relatively easy) way to stay active during your time at home. Grab a yoga mat, and for bonus points, sit outside on a nice day and stretch your body out after a long day spent sitting in front of the computer. Not a fan of yoga? Do any exercise you're able to (or, let's be real, motivated enough to do) and try your best to stay active any way you can.

8. Learn a new recipe. This one can include the little ones too! You can start simple and bake cookies, with your kids' help of course, or cook a three-course meal and set up your dining room or kitchen like a five-star restaurant. Bring fine dining to your own home or bake your favorite comfort food. 

9. Shop small! Okay, we had to throw this one on the list. Many small businesses right now are suffering due to the virus. Storefronts and restaurants have been forced to close, shipping for online stores are delayed, and the usual small business buzz has weakened. Make sure you're using this time at home to support your local small businesses! Leave good reviews, purchase gift cards to save for later, shop online, or stay active on their social media pages. Every little bit helps so show your support for your favorite small shop! 

10. Get outside. A reminder that nature isn't closed! Parks, trails, and your own backyard are all still open. Make sure you're still practicing social distancing if you choose to go to a public location like our favorite Interstate Park in Taylors Falls, Minnesota. Or if you don't have a park near you (or you simply prefer the comfort of your own home), get out and explore what your backyard has to offer. There's so much beauty the world has to offer that's just waiting to be explored, so make sure you go outside and find it. 

 There are so many other activities you can do while social distancing, but these are some of our favorites. Have any more suggestions? Be sure to leave a comment letting us know what you're doing during your time at home!